The “Merenda sinoira” is an old farmer’s tradition in Piemonte, it’s an afternoon meal so rich that it substitutes dinner. This is why it is called “sinoira“, meaning “dining“.

During summer, the farmers would work in the fields until after sunset. In between tea time and dinner, the women arrived from their homes with the news and their fagotto: a kerchief containing the necessary food stuff to hearten from fatigue. The merenda sinoira was not just a meal, but a rite to strengthen the family unity.


Platters of local cheeses and cold cuts, a variety of appetizers, omelets, anchovies in green sauces, “carpionata” of fish and zucchini, salads of grain and home-made desserts will revive the conviviality of this ancient Piedmontese rite. Of course this will be all accompanied by the best wine of the Langhe !


Menu “Merenda Sinoira” (15 €, beverages excluded):

-Mixed appetizer
-A variety of cold cuts
-Rustic tartlet
-Anchovies in green or soused trout
-Home-made dessert


Menu “Merende Sinoira” (19€, beverages excluded):

-Menu of 15 euro
-A first course or a variety of cheeses


Menu “Agro-Aperitif Salumi and Cheeses” (starting from 7 €):

-A variety of cold cuts or cheeses
-A glass of wine


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